Friday we back-and-forthed on what we considered the ridiculous Defember movement Olay launched. It's a call to support breast cancer awareness (an idea we dig) by pledging to defuzz one's misstache (an idea that makes us cough). Not everyone agreed with our critical portrayal of the charitable move.

Lovely SpOnTaNeOuS_sPiTbAlL said:

i think its odd you guys aren't willing to do this for charity.
i wasn't aware chicks actually shaved it.. haha i nair mine.
and i think this is a cool idea :) anything to raise money!

It's true that any way to raise money is likely a good one. We didn't intend to insinuate anything but our support of the charity benefiting from Defember, National Breast Cancer Foundation. Actually, we probably couldn't have phrased our overall sentiment better than here4onething did:

This is supporting that women conform to media standards of beauty. That's not fun or cool. Movember is about a man enjoying being a natural man. This defember is celebrating a woman being an unnatural woman who conforms to societies standards of beauty. Very not cool.

Even though I don't rock the lady-stache, this is in no way Movember and female hair removal is nothing to celebrate.

So let's just call the whole thing off and instead list some non-hair-tampering ways to support NBCF. Deal? Alright.

1. Make a no-frills online donation. Sure this option lacks the bells and whistles of taking a Bic to your lip, but call us lazy. It's an easy way to send some extra dollars to a worthy cause during a Hulu commercial. 

2. Organize a fundraising event in your community. This one follows the active route and allows some creative muscle flexing. Go with your bag on this. Are you a bakin' maven? Lasso up your gal pals to supply and host a muffin sale. Clicking knitting needles more your thing? What about auctioning off your and your stitch and b*tch groups' homemade scarves? There are endless ways to make this idea uniquely you.

3. Ask for donations in lieu of gifts. Hey hey, wouldn't yah know it's the giving season right this moment? Tell your Aunt Amy this year that instead of another pair of fake pearl earrings, you'd prefer the funds go toward NBCF. This is a super simple way to give back while alerting others to the easy possibility of getting involved themselves.

4. Find a benefit sporting event in which to compete. In my college town of Jacksonville, Fla., each year there's a NBCF fundraising marathon across the beach. I always supported from afar on the sidelines (my breathing and legs just don't work that way), but competing friends called it one of the most fulfilling days of their year. Cool!

How do you give back to charity? Do you already help the National Breast Cancer Foundation through one of these ways? If not, do you plan to start?