Just as we finally crash from the hysteria of what some call Bradley Cooper's robbery of Sexiest Man of the Year award from Ryan Gosling, we can thank TIME Magazine for honoring the latter as The Coolest Person of the Year. And by TIME, I specifically mean TIME writer Joel Stein -- who really cares, right?

Stein wrote that the Cool Hunting Committee defined "cool" in the old school Hollywood, tough sort of way. The piece cited Ryan's vigilante moves, ukulele prowess and mighty smoker lungs as some of his cooler attributes. However, even moreso proving his title, he pulled the ultimate too-cool manuever and refused to discuss the honor with the TIME writer when requested. Stein said of the snub:

Faced with this problem, other magazine franchises might back down and pick someone willing to play ball and be their publicity monkey, but the Coolest Person Committee is committed to the truth. Also, it was getting really close to deadline, so it just seemed a lot easier to stick with Gosling.

Meh, I'll take it.

Are you happy RyGos finally got a little recognition or would do you have an idea for a cooler winner? Hit us up!