My mom would tell you that I was blessed with a delicate, feminine bone structure. I will tell you that I have ridiculously small hands and feet — feet so small that 95 percent of my shoes are from the children’s department, and hands so small that my fiancé had to special order my engagement ring. For years, I’ve shopped in the kid’s department, picking out the most adult-looking shoes I can find; flats are the best from the children’s section and fall boots are always cheaper. 

Finding pumps that were narrow enough for me was pretty much impossible. Now, however, my size 3 feet can rejoice because Pretty Small Shoes is a website created for women’s shoes in the smallest of sizes. I’ll never have to pray my shoes stay on ever again. 

They offer UK sizes 13-3, European sizes 32-35, and US sizes 2-5. These sizes are pretty much impossible to find in average stores — wander through the shoe section of Target, Macy’s or any other store and the smallest size you’ll find is maybe a 6. 

Pretty Small Shoes operates out of the UK and ships worldwide for a reasonable price — especially if you order more than one pair of shoes, because the shipping charge doesn’t change no matter how many pairs you get. The shoes are slightly on the pricey side, but there are actually reasons for this. The sizes offered are so small that they are often custom made as they are ordered.

And while the shoes are expensive, they’re all gorgeous. For a special occasion they are perfect for girls with smaller feet, because small pumps are often the most difficult shoes to find.

So while you might not order your every day flats or boots from Pretty Small Shoes, if you have a small shoe size, you might consider them for your next special occasion. 

Do you have small feet? Would you ever special order a pair of shoes for a special occasion?