Two brilliant high school seniors in Chicago convinced their administrators to surge Bieber's "Baby" between classes until the students paid up $1,000 to make it stop. The funds, of course, didn't go to the now-bleeding ears of Evanston Township High School students -- instead the grand helped save a popular arts center. That makes sense because in order for folks to remember they appreciate something, you should pummel them with some of the most obnoxious examples within that something's stratosphere.

Apparently the hit song resounded among ET High's halls a whopping 20 times between Monday and Wednesday. So yeah, that makes the count for the word "baby" heard from The Bieb's poofy lips 54. Yikes. General student reactions mostly fell in the slightly-to-outrageously displeased area, leading to a quick goal reach. [via Huffington Post]

This doesn't mark the first time teens conspired a plan to torture their peers in an effort to raise charitable funds. Port St. Joe High School in Northeast Florida did the same thing with Hanson's "Mmmbop" in the mid-2000s -- not that I much see the issue with that.

But this begs to answer a question for which we created a super-official style poll: What song would you pay to not hear on repeat? Please weigh in!

What song would you pay not to hear on repeat?
Rebecca Black, "Friday"
Something from "Glee"
Katy Perry, "I Kissed A Girl"
Anyone doing "This Christmas"
Other -- please list in the comments free polls