It's no secret that Miss Emma W is my ultimate girl crush. On my Tumblr back in May, I repeatedly wrote, "I just want to be Emma." Why? She's a talented actress, gorgeous and super intelligent. (C'mon, it takes some serious brains to get into Brown University and Oxford.) She's conservative, but still stylish. She has the guts to say what she wants to say and to assert herself to the media. She's kept her look sweet and respectable, while still retaining an edge. Plus, she cut all her hair off a few months ago, proving that, yes, pixie cuts can still be feminine. (As a girl who used to have a pixie cut -- for over four years -- I appreciate that.) 

We first met Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, where she played every studious little girl's hero, Hermione Granger. She was only 11 when the film released. Since then, Emma has grown up under the microscope of the world -- because of the scale and popularity of the Harry Potter series, Emma became a household name around the world because she was old enough to, well, do anything independently. It's hard to imagine having that kind of exposure at such an early age, so it's a real testament to her character that Emma hasn't launched into a terrible, child star downward spiral (I'm looking at you, Lindsay Lohan).  

One of the most endearing aspects of Emma's fame is that... her early fashion choices were just as unfortunate as mine. That is, we all were kind of dorks in middle school and Emma, whose parents never hired her a stylist, apparently because they see how ridiculous that is for a 12-year-old, made the same kind of unfortunate mistakes as all of us. Midriff tops, weird shoes, capris. (I also really enjoy Tom Felton in this picture -- remember when he looked like Eminem for a little while?) 

In 2009, Emma got involved with People Tree, a fair trade fashion brand. She collaborated with designers to create her own line within the brand and ultimately, modeled the collection as well. Her involvement brought a great deal of publicity to the company and its mission: to create socially- and environmentally-conscious clothing.

Emma took a gap year before attending Brown University, where she felt, and was treated like, an average, everyday college girl. After two years, she took a break to focus on the Deathly Hallows publicity and releases, only to announce she would be attending Worcester College at Oxford University on an exchange program (hilarious) before returning for her final year at Brown.  

When Emma cut off her hair, shock waves traveled through the media -- I remember seeing a post about it on Perez Hilton. I mean, when your hair gets a post on Perez Hilton, you know it's a big deal. She did it, she said, because she'd always wanted to -- and she didn't want to be tied to the "Hermione hair" anymore. Completely understandable.

Emma isn't just an actress or a model or a girl who happens to go to Brown University. She's an actress who played a great role model for little girls and a girl who grew up influenced by Hermione as well, ultimately morphing into a great role model in her own right. Sometimes I'm amazed that the slightly gawky little girl who played the bushy haired Hermione in the first Harry Potter films turned into such an amazing, classy lady. No matter what, though, Emma is deserving of all the girl crushes. Every single one of them. 

For more great photos of Emma, check out the photo gallery! 

What do you think of Emma? Do you love her as much as we do? 

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