Everyone has their own way of concentrating on their writing and everyone is distracted by different things. Apparently, some people find clothes incredibly distracting so they indulge their nudist side when they need to get in the writing mood.

These seven writers had very unique ways for writing in the nude but for most of them it was just to escape from outside distractions.

1. Victor Hugo Hugo used to have his servant take all of his clothes away when he got writer’s block. The servant was then to leave him stranded in a room with only paper and pen so he’d have nothing to do but sit and write.

2. Ernest Hemingway The writer would write standing in the nude with a typewriter on a table at about waist level.

3. Benjamin Franklin This founding father enjoyed a good air bath while writing. Taking an air bath means that Franklin say around naked in a cold room for an hour to get the creativity flowing.

4. Agatha Christie
The mystery writer wasn’t so mysterious with her methods. She is known to have love to write anywhere she could, including naked in the bathtub. How she did this without getting the pages wet, I have no idea, but props to her.

5. D.H. Lawrence
Lawrence is probably the strangest of all of them to me. He like to climb mulberry trees naked and then climb back down to start writing.

6. James Whitcomb Riley
The poet would have his friends lock him in a hotel room without his clothes so he wouldn’t leave to get a drink at the bar downstairs.

7. Edmond Rostand Apparently Rostand had an issue with being interrupted while writing. To avoid his annoying friends, the French poet and author worked naked in his bathtub. [via Neatorama]


Do you have a weird habit that you do to write? Do/Would you write in the nude?