Who doesn't love Emma Watson? She's funny, smart, and drop-dead gorgeous. But she didn't start out as the pixie-cut-cutie that we now know her as. Nor, as her style evolution suggests, will she always remain that way. 

As Hermione Granger, Emma played the headstrong, super smart addition to the best friend trio central to the Harry Potter series. She started out looking just like the frizzy-haired, smart little girl. As time progressed, Emma's intelligence was right on par with Hermione's - but her style took a dramatic turn away from Hermione's. 

With time, Emma has grown into a true lady, representing the best of British fashion: the slightly "rolled out of bed" look mixed with classic shapes, colors and pieces -- such as trench coats and cardigans. 

What do you think of Emma? Are you as impressed by her style evolution as we are? What do you think is next for her?