Oh, Twilight Series, it's so easy to analyze and dissect. Really, it is. Despite protests from true fans that the books were never meant to be analyzed and that Stephanie Meyers herself has proclaimed they have no "point" or "message," the books are just begging to be critically analyzed. Whether you agree with that or not, you have to admit, the books (and movies) have some seriously creepy moments -- and not just average, "well that's weird" creepy, but horror movie creepy. Keep reading to find out the top three creepiest moments from Twilight. 

1. Edward Cullen watches Bella sleep.

As in, he sneaks into her house and stands above her bed, staring down at her like a full-on creepy creeper, just like in every single dream I've had about a terrifying serial killer. No matter what anyone says to me about this, it isn't romantic, it isn't cute and it isn't part of a great love story. It's straight-up creepy and indicative of a seriously unstable individual if the way they want to see their crush is defenseless and unaware of their presence. As I read the books (for research, and peer pressure, purposes), this was the moment where I buckled my metaphorical seatbelt and said, "Sista lady, we are in for a treat with this one" and began flipping through my mental rolodex of literary criticisms.

2. The Wedding Night.

It's every girl's dream to wake up from her wedding night bruised and bloodied and with no recollection of what happened, right? Right?

Um, no, Stephanie Meyers, NO. The justifications I hear for this creeptacular wedding night are honestly the most ridiculous things I've ever heard and they don't actually counter the assertion that: waking up with no memory of having sex with your new husband, but you're bruised, bloody, and sore isn't romantic or sweet or something you ask for. That's rape. That is straight up rape. It doesn't matter if she just married him, or if she "wanted it." It's creepy and weird. And while sex can be weird, it shouldn't be that violent and you should have clear memories of it. The last book of the series bothered me more than any other and really cemented, in my view, the fact that every single man in the book is abusive in one way or another. 

Don't even get me started on the fact that Bella effectively wakes up pregnant. Creepy overload. 

3. Jacob imprints on a baby.

He's climbing in yo' windows, he's snatching yo' babies up. And imprinting on them. 

Just writing the phrase "Jacob imprints on a baby" caused a shiver to run down my spine. Seriously, so creepy. In case you don't know, "imprinting" is a response of shape-shifters when they find their soulmate; they lose all affection and feelings for others and only focus on one another. So, in short, Jacob falls in love with a baby and somehow it magically falls in love with him because babies totally have those kind of complex feelings. If someone ever looked at my baby and admitted to "imprinting on it," I would call the cops the second they turned their backs. And then Renesmee (oh my dear that name) "ages rapidly," so even though she's only seven, she totally looks 17, so it's OK! I am so creeped out. 

Readers, what do you think? What's the creepiest moment from Twilight for you?