The tagline reads: 

We're not saying she shouldn't be allowed to be derivative, we're just saying you shouldn't be allowed to call her an innovator.

Zzzing! The format for LadyGagaAfter is a picture of an icon from the past and a picture of Lady Gaga swagger-jacking them. Any Lady Gaga fans in the house might have a thing or two to say about the difference between paying homage to those who paved her glittery way and being a wholesale rip-off. Does this Tumblr take a two-dimensional approach to Lady Gaga's wild ways? 

As a huge fan of Gaga and her awareness of her influences I get what they're trying to do here, but I also think it's interesting to observe how much research Lady Gaga has done to honor the people who inspire her.

What do you think, Lovelies? Does the blog have a point? Or are they just giving her another stage on which to display her prowess as an icon?