A new bummer study from Mintel shows that more than half of us ladyfolk fear sprouting even small amounts of facial hair. Perhaps that's not news, but another tidbit of the study that is (or at least was for me): indulging in sugar-stuffed carbs like cakes, croissants and all other happy things in the universe can trigger an increase in hair. Like, hair all over, but especially on your face.

See, when you feed yourself loads of these foods with high glycemic indexes, energy releases super fast, causing insulin resistance and insisting your body produces extra amounts of hormones to re-balance the blood sugar levels. "The problem is that a raised insulin level may trigger growth factors which make the ovaries produce too much of the 'male' hormone testosterone, which can lead to excess hair," women's health expert Marilyn Glenville told The Daily Mail. In short, the burst of testosterone in your bloodstream may reward you with a new (or thickened) mustache. [via Gothamist]

This cannot sway me from a dream of cake for breakfast every day. What about you?

Oh, in case this decreases your appetite for pastries and such, allow me to try and break you with images from the applause-worthy blog Women Eating Cake. (SO much better than that salad crap... IMO.)