The latest on celebrity hair is Taylor Swift's new bangs. She reportedly opted for the chop on an impulse during a photo shoot when, upon being asked if the stylists could use clip-in fringe to temporarily alter the starlet's 'do, she simply replied, "Why don't you just cut them?" [via Huffington Post] It seems like it's been a year of great hairstyles in Hollywood and the music industry. From impulse dye-jobs to major crops, these stars' confidence alone is enough to keep us glued -- take a look at some of 2011's best celebrity hairstyles, and then tell us what your favorites were.


While Taylor's doesn't look like a drastic change, I know a flat bang like hers is usually the source of some deliberation in most clients. The fact that she took the plunge is pretty impressive, and I think she looks great. Oh, and this is in no way a top ten list or a best-of, just some of my favorites!

LC's Peach Ends One favorite that sticks out to me was Lauren Conrad's painfully short-lived peach-dipped ends. With the help of her hairstylist and business partner in their blog thebeautydepartment (her makeup artist is in on it, too), the whole world caught a glimpse of her chic yet avant garde color, but it lasted a meager five days. Then she was back to her beautiful natural brown. Le sigh.

Ginnifer Goodman's Disconnected Fade Ginnifer chopped her hair a while back, but this year she started playing with the finer points. If anyone ever said short hair didn't have wiggle room, they need to talk to her hairstylist. The clipper-faded androgyny of her sides and back with a disconnected and heavily textured top are a recipe for success on Ginnifer's round face. It was huge a year or two ago to shave one or both sides of the head, but in 2011 the trends have found a sense of balance in simple and playful details.

Rihanna's Red
 Oh my goodness, someone has deft hands who works on Rihanna's hair. The girl cannot look bad, I'm convinced, but her punchy saturated red hair color this year was a home run as far as I'm concerned. A lot of celebs have been going red lately, and I'm tempted to attribute at least some of the trend to Miss Rihanna.

Ashlee Simpson's Throwback Style While movies like Factory Girl tried to revive the '60s a few years ago, the fact is the trend wasn't going to return until it was ready. Now that the '60s are a profound influence in today's silhouettes, an Edie Sedgwick-esque cut was just right for hair trendsetter Ashlee Simpson. The crop happened back in January, and she almost made me reconsider growing my hair out! This is a great style if your hair is super fine or thin. It's effortless, and she looks like a doll. I also love the way accessories pop with short hair!

Alexa Chung's Enduring Style I'm glad to see model, designer and TV host Alexa Chung hasn't backed down amidst mixed reviews of her homemade-looking hairstyle. Her choppy layers and dip-dyed highlights were almost certainly achieved in a salon, but the idea was to make them look like she was a diamond in the rough, which I feel she definitely accomplished. I love that she's stuck with different variations on her original idea, and was recently awarded the British Style Award at the British Fashion Awards, and boasts a long-standing successful line at Madewell. I love to see a girl who can rock both sides of the fence, super polished and down-to-earth chic.

Do check out the rest of the celebrity hairstyles we love this year in the slideshow!

I'm sure I missed a few! What are your favorite iconic styles from 2011?