My older sister and I used to rot away in front of the computer screen, even before MSN chat became a thing on which we'd pretend we were Australian and other such things (what? Just us?). Oregon Trail, pictured above, always ranked highly among our favorite MECC-supported games. Another, in which you used a fish 'splorin' the Great Reef as an avatar, O'Dell Downunder, typically came in a close second. What about you? What are some of your favorite '90s computer games from childhood or that you just discovered?

I say just discovered because yes -- there is totally an app for OT as well as a Facebook fan page. Oh, retromania. How you thrive on and how OK I am with that. As a Friday treat, please enjoy this super cute/awkward/strange video of some kid blazing the Oregon Trail below (I am pulling for Winky The Cat to make it to The Promised Land):

Also, how often did you keep those super old school names like Ezekiel in Oregon Trail? I usually just used Sweet Valley High monikers for my wagon of folks. Oh, and in case you're interested: I ALWAYS caulked the wagon for trips across the river.

Tell me about your favorite near-vintage computer games!