Yet another fabulous trend influenced by our friends in Japan (and elsewhere by now), decoden or dekoden is for all of us who are part-crow in the sense that we dive for anything that glitters. The term “deco” is intuitively short for decorated and “den” is short for “denwa” meaning “phone” in Japanese [via DannyChoo]. But these fancy facades don’t stop at just phones. The deco craze has swept portable gaming systems, e-readers and even fingernails. 

Tacky. That’s what most people in their right minds would say. And the cases are categorically over-the-top. That’s the point, to be decadent and whimsical. The embellishments range from faux icing and oven-bake clay figurines to bedazzled Hello-Kittys and tiny plastic items called cabochons that can be in the shape of anything from a robot-bear to a chili dog. Electronic devices are pretty nondescript on the outside for the most part, so the cases are ideally meant to serve the dual purpose of protection and self-expression.

The pieces themselves involve care, certainly. Often the owners of these have made the cases piece-by-piece with their own hands, although more and more ready-made cases are popping up on Etsy and specialty stores on the web. The “deco” term covers all of the types of embellishments, from flat and glittery to the most impractical faux-dessert topography, and making or finding a good one isn’t a small feat.

Ranging from $25-75 retail on the Internet, one can either pick a pre-made case or have a merchant create one customized to each order on Etsy. Alternatively, a person with the ingenuity and energy to try it themselves can shop a site like Sophie and Toffee for a great selection of cabochons and decorating materials.

Like I mentioned before, there are also girls who enjoy wearing the embellishments on their nails, so take care in the size of the items you buy to make sure they’re the right size for the project you’re trying. Check out the slideshow for some inspiration or just some sparkly eye candy!

Do any of you Lovelies have a deco case? Any great tutorials or advice?