Gyaru is a very popular Asian beauty trend that focuses mainly on large doll-like looking eyes. As cute as the look may be, the pupil enlarging contacts and layers of fake eyelashes are a bit much, so I did a more toned down Gyaru-inspired look that you can wear as an everyday eye look. See how to get the look after the jump.

Step 1: Swipe a shimmery taupe color across your lid.

Step 2: Apply a dark brown shadow to your crease, blending it into the lighter shade.

Step 3: Line your top lid, flicking it slightly outwards towards the end tip. (I used gel liner because it's easy to work with, but you can use liquid or pencil.)

Step 4: Apply a black shadow to your lower lash line focusing on the outer edge. Blend it into the top line you created, connecting at the outer corner of your eyes. I wanted a smoky and soft look so I mixed a dark brown shadow with the black. You want your eyes to appear larger so the bottom line of your eye should be thicker than the top to make your eyes look doll-like. 

Step 5: Swipe a gold or shimmery eyeshadow to the bottom inner half of your lash line and also to your tear duct area. This will bring light to the inner corners of your eyes, making them look larger.

Step 6: Lashes really make the look so after you curl your lashes, apply two coats generously to both your top and bottom lashes. You can use false lashes if you like, but because this is an everyday look I decided to just go with mascara.


You can wear this subtle Gyaru eye look to class as a simple everyday look and you can definitely amp up your eyes by going heavier on the black shadow and of course by adding falsies and contacts.

Have any of you tried Gyaru make up looks? How do you create your look?