Having a love of most things Russian (I studied it in college) and a closet full of vintage duds, you can imagine my reaction upon seeing socialite Uliana Sergienko's new line of clothing -- which I would describe as, "1940s movie star vacations in Russia."

Actually, you probably can't imagine my response, because no one would expect an intelligent woman to react with the massive amount of glee that I did. Sergienko's collection has flattering, trim silhouettes, some impressive headpieces and dainty prints straight from bygone eras. But enough of my raving about it; have a look at our gallery of her designs. Additional photos of the collection can be found at the source. (Warning: some outfits there are rather sheer on top.) [via Etoday]

This line is so very classy, and I literally gasped when I saw it (embarrassing, I know). I'm not crazy about most of the chunky shoes that trend throughout the photos (and can we just pretend this doesn't exist?), but otherwise I think Sergienko's collection is almost perfect. Here's hoping that retail designers take notice, and perhaps we average ladies can own similar pieces sometime soon.

What do you think of Sergienko's collection? What's your favorite outfit? How would you feel about a mainstream vintage style revival?