Attention anti-gay, hetero citizens: If you don't like gay people, then stop making them.

I challenge anyone who opposes gay marriage to look long and hard at this photo and not believe in the genuine passion and love shared between these two individuals. I especially challenge a heterosexual man or woman in a committed relationship to imagine being unable to fulfill their long-awaited right to be legally recognized as husband and wife.

Contrary to what the heterosexual, anti-gay marriage person believes, the love between man and man, and woman and woman is no different or less valid than the feelings one shares with their own partner. And yet, heterosexuals who have always had the encouraged and respected right to marriage, have carelessly and recklessly misused this privilege. With our countries 2011 divorce rate at nearly 50 percent, half of all marriages end in divorce, making it only half sacred and wholly for heterosexuals.

Blushing Brides: Portia Di Rossi and wife Ellen DeGeneres lovingly embrace one another at their wedding.

The fact is (and I'm going to go ahead and call it one), is that it's not gay men and women who corrupt or pervert the sanctity of marriage, it's laws that protect peoples' constitutional right to be cruel, closed minded buttheads. It's the country that allows people like Kim Kardashian to marry for 72 days and make millions in doing so simply because she can.

Instead of love being the very simple thread that not only defines marriage but holds it together, we're more concerned with the basal triviality of man and woman, husband and wife. However, none of these things seem to matter unless it revolves around the fear of what we don't fully understand.

Adoring husbands and fathers: Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka laugh with their twins. Oh the horror!

In fact, we don't seem to mind one bit when marriages begin and end, or when two strangers annul their marital union after a drunken trip to a chapel on the Vegas strip, so long as they're "straight." But alas, the effort to keep gay couples not only apart from each other but from heterosexuals continues.

This public service announcement makes a hugely emotional statement that says it's time to change the narrow-minded and dogmatic predispositions to reject gay love and see things a little differently. [via BuzzFeed]

What do you think of this video? Was this as moving to you as it was to me? What do you think about the movement toward gay equality and gay marriage?