Now that temperatures have officially plunged, it's time to break out your winter fashion items -- including coats! But before you automatically grab a typical heavy duty trench coat or peacoat, take a look at these five fab and different styled coats for this winter.

It has become a fashion reflex to practically always opt for a peacoat during wintertime but as much as I love the classic peacoat look, it's always fun to try out new styles. Here are five alternative styles for winter jackets that you can try this season.

ASHLEY Varsity Womens Hoodie$29.99 from Tilly's

1. Varsity jackets. Varsity jackets are making a big comeback so if you're looking for something comfortable and casual, varsity jackets are the way to go! If you wonder how to wear a varsity you can check out this great ensemble by Fashion Chalet.

Funnel-Neck Cape Coat$39.99 from Charlotte Russe

2. Capes. You don't have to necessarily go to Hogwarts in order to wear a cape! Capes are adorable and can add a feminine chic element to your winter ensemble.

Dollhouse Jacket, Long Sleeve Notched Collar Blazer$34.99 from Macy's

3. Equestrian style jackets. Although these jackets are originally for horseback riders, you can work it into a polished preppy look with knee high boots and pants.

Jessica London Plus Size Faux Fur Vestfrom Amazon

4. Faux fur vests. Faux fur jackets can appear bulky so instead you can opt for a fur vest that will still keep you warm but without the unwanted extra material.

light beige faux leather zip front jacket$84.00 from Bluefly

5. Leather jackets. Leather jackets are a classic and are very versatile. You can wear leather jackets with a tomboyish feel by pairing them with combat boots, or toughen up a girly look by layering it on a floral print or chiffon shirt.  

Which style coat will you wear this winter? What styles did I forget?