Hello, Lovelies! For you film fanatics out there, here's what coming at you this weekend in theaters and all the movie news from this past week. I love movies and movie opinions! Let's DISCUSS! But wait, it's Wednesday! On Thanksgiving weekend, movies come out on Wednesdays since it's technically a Friday because of the holiday. Within: A Steve Jobs biopic casting rumor, that time Ashton Kutcher got fired by a big director, and Amanda Seyfried goes Kiss the Girls territory in a new trailer. First, the Muppets, a blond bombshell and a boy named Hugo welcome you to the weekend...


  • The Muppets, 1h 38m, PG. Hollywood goof and charmer Jason Segel took on starring and writing duties for this movie, which looks like it's going to a family-fun blast!
  • Hugo, 2h 7m, PG. Famed director Martin Scorsese takin on a children's film! Co-starring Sasha Baron Cohen and Chloe Moretz, this one might prove surprisingly good.
  • Arthur Christmas, 1h 37m, PG. An animated film about Christmas, and Santa's son.
  • My Week with Marilyn, 1h 36m, R. Michelle Williams takes on Marilyn Monroe in this true story. Can Williams pull it off? Have you seen how cute Emma Watson looks in the movie? Very young Winona Ryder-esque if I do say so myself:

What will you be seeing this weekend? I'm definitely going to catch The Muppets!


  • Rumor has it that ex-ER costars George Clooney and Noah Wyle would both like to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic - leg up goes to Wyle, who already played him in that one TV movie. Who would you like to see play the tech genius? [via /Film]
  • Do you guys know the movies Before Sunrise and Before Sunset starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy? They each got a screenwriting nomination for the sequel, and there may be a third in the works, according to Hawke. I love these movies and these characters, but the sequel ended so perfectly -- can they work their magic again? [via PopWatch]
  • Remember that movie Elizabethtown starring Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom? Director Cameron Crowe had apparently worked with Ashton Kutcher to prep him for what ended up being Bloom's character, but then fired him for not devoting himself to the role. [via The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Amanda Seyfried is all over the place these days. Here's a new trailer for Gone, a movie reminiscent of the Ashley Judd vehicle Kiss the Girls, though it may prove to be different once it comes out. What do you think?

What other movie news are you talking about this week?

I leave you with my personal favorite Thanksgiving movie as suggested viewing this long weekend: Pieces of April starring Katie Holmes (before she was Tom Cruise's wife!). Anybody else seen it? 

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