I’ve recently been trying to refine my sense of style in an attempt to break the deadly cycle of messy hair/college shirt/awful jeans/Toms that I seem to be currently trapped in. Anyway, I’ve been trying to find a really great source of fashion info to serve as a guide for me. Ideally, my style is classic feminine with a few bohemian accents to keep my look young and fresh. Before now, I’ve been kind of style bipolar, buying different style things just because I thought they looked cute in the store. That isn’t a bad thing necessarily… my only problem is that it’s hard getting the different styles to match in an outfit. Another problem I’ve encountered is the deluge of fashion blogs featuring women about a size 2 or 0.

The problem there is that while certain clothes may look good on their body type, it has the potential to look horrendous on mine. So I scoured Tumblr for a good fashion blog written by and starring a curvy person. And I found it! The blog Girl with Curves is written by Tanesha Awasthi, a recent UC Berkeley grad with impeccable fashion sense. All of her outfits are absolutely amazing, and she mixes high-end brands like Gucci with more affordable options from stores like Forever 21. I love how she is able to wear very chic, modern trends while making sure that they compliment her curvy body. It definitely isn’t your mother’s Lane Bryant catalogue. Awasthi has an hourglass shape, and she plays it up with belts and nipped-in waists. I’m more of an awkward pear, but I can definitely adapt a lot of her looks into my wardrobe.

This is definitely one of my favorite looks from her. I seriously want to go and buy something similar and wear it to someone’s holiday party.

What are some of your favorite fashion blogs geared toward voluptuous women?