Lovelyish user ashleyaasks:

I start my new internship in a few weeks and the office has a professional dress code. Since I am in area that gets a ton of snow (which often stays snow, not turns to slush), I have no idea what shoes to get.

Any suggestions for cute shoes that are professional, but can handle winter wonderlands?

Great question! The easiest answer is to wear your rugged winter boots on your commute and bring your cute shoes in a bag to change into once you get inside your office.

The girls at Teen Vogue are huge fans of Sorel boots for their snowy trips to work, and you know they know how to do chic! This tactic allows you to concentrate on keeping warm and slip-free in the snow, and your new heels will stay clean and dry.

You also could invest in a pair of cheap flats to keep in your desk at work (if you have a desk, since I know that's a luxury in an internship!), so you won't have to remember to carry along another pair of shoes every morning. I recommend these foldable flats by Gap, which won't take up too much room in your desk drawer or a purse.

Do you Lovelies have any advice on how to dress your feet for a snowy commute?

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