Thanksgiving is a long day full of family, eating and fun. My family's favorite part of the holiday comes after the eating, when all of us gather in front of the television for what we call a 'napovie' (a nap and a movie combo). For all of those who also like to watch a movie while in their self-induced food comas, here's a list of holiday-appropriate movies that you might want to watch.

1. Plains, Trains and Automobiles An oldie but goody about a man trying to make it home in time for Thanksgiving with his family. Steve Martin's humor is always a comforting thing while curled up on the couch and feeling slightly sleepy.


2. Pocahontas A little reminder of the origins of the holiday (kind of) that's appropriate for the whole family. And if you're not in the mood for Disney animation, then pop in the live action version, The New World, which might be a slightly more accurate portrayal.


3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Again, family-appropriate and a well-loved classic. Charlie Brown is always a good choice.


4. Thankskilling This is literally the funniest horror movie you will ever watch. It's all about a killer turkey puppet that murders teenagers on Thanksgiving while making puns. I could not stop laughing when I saw it.

5. Home for the Holidays -A movie about a dysfunctional family trying to make it through Thanksgiving, which you may or may not want to watch depending on your own feelings after spending a day with your family.

What movies will you be watching during your Thanksgiving holiday?