On the eve of H&M's new collaboration with Versace (I don't know if you've heard), The New York Daily News reported that its photoshoot, planned to have starred three "real New York women" was given the kibosh by Donatella Versace's people, saying two of the three models did not "fit [Versace's] branding [via Huffington Post]." The insinuation that the more affordable line is only intended to be worn by size-nothing models has caused quite a stir.

Fully named THE VERY BEST OF VERSACE for H&M, the line is an homage as well as a look forward at the fashion house's prestigious legacy, a legacy many of its fans might not know the half of.

According to the Daily News Donatella's intent in putting this line together was to inform a younger group of people "obsessing" over Versace's image (namely Lady Gaga and her similar age group), what the designer label's history was and what they stood for. Unfortunately for the models slated to appear in the shoot, the message appears to be clearly meant for select bodies only.

Do you think it's bad PR for Versace to make such a bold statement about their every-woman-geared line? Do you think knowing this would sway anyone's opinion in buying the coveted pieces?

[Source, Images via H&M]