Tonight all I want to do is snuggle up with my dog, a glass of wine, my favorite throw, and watch Season 2 of Modern Family on DVD in peace -- uncomplicated and unemotional entertainment guaranteed. After a long week, I settled into my gloriously comfy couch and sipped on some sauvignon blanc, and as I cackled and wept out of pure, unadulterated entertainment, my mind suddenly became flooded with the emotional realization that I was in fact, in love with Julie Bowen.

Suddenly, Modern Family wasn't about sitcom charm and relatable family interactions, it was much more complicated that that. It was about sweet Julie and her athletically feminine physique and gracefully angular jawline. And after falling in love with her character, I had to be sure that her true to life personality was just as lovable.

To my surprise, she's not only charming and funny, but humble and modest, and quite honestly I feel compelled to jump the fence, eyes close, arms suspended, in hopes to fall right onto Julie Bowen's arms.

A perfect example of Bowen's less-than-Hollywood persona: "In New York I didn't have a TV. I had a rented bed. I never hung art on the walls. I always liked to be able to throw everything into a bag and leave. And I think I have that attitude about certain relationships, and I think it was a protective measure.” [via ThinkExist] I mean really, how much more down-to-earth can a famous, wealthy and beautiful woman get?

Bowen is a gorgeous lady who faced a lot of ridicule and public criticism for having a less-than-perfect body and addressed the matter by stating: “I lift my children for the upper body, I run for the lower body, and for the middle I wear Spanx. That’s it, that’s my three-part system.” [via Skinny Curvy]

This woman is delightful, and more importantly, normal, which doesn't make her any less stunning. And I for one, think she has a killer body. I highly recommend you also fall in love with her as soon as possible.

Who's you're celebrity lady crush? Do you guys love Julie's natural down to earth charm as much as I do? What do you think sets her apart from other celebs?