The ulzzang look, as previously discussed, requires a very specific set of physical features and a slim face reigns as one of the top priorities.  

Asian countries have developed numerous tricks and tools to help lift and slim down the face including creams, face rollers, face belts and routine facial massages. It may sound extreme or even tortuous to an extent, but pain is beauty!

(Please keep in mind that because these products are mostly popular in Asian countries they are generally only available online or at Asian beauty stores.)

Beauty blogger Xiaxue, popular for her girly Asian style and beauty, revealed her secret for a slim face: Bioessence’s Face Lifting Cream. It helps reduce water retention in the face, making it appear less bloated. You can see the live difference in Xiaxue’s video and purchase it on Ebay.

(Japan Design) 2 in 1 Anti-Cellulite Celluless Massager Roller from Amazon

Another commonly used tool are face rollers. By using it to gently roll up and down the jawline, the face roller is supposed to gradually reform the face into a slim shape. Although it may not be clinically proven to slim down the actual face structure, it does help to stimulate blood circulation and the muscles around the jaw area.

If face rollers aren’t extreme enough, there are always “Kogao Meiku Beruto” or Face Belts, cloths that you can wrap around your face while you sleep. Manufacturers of these claim the belts defy gravity and lift the face by compression. You can purchase them also through Ebay.

But of course, you could always try the boring natural way by following routine facial massages with your favorite lotion or cream!

What do you Lovelies think of these techniques? What about face slimming in general? Have you tried any of them?