Well, it looks like the Asian beauty in this photo wont have any trouble getting through that McDonald's sandwich. Remember the days of tightly wired torture, just so you could get those damn teeth aligned? Well the new trend among Japanese women is calling for a different kind of beauty, in fact, it's calling for the opposite kind of beauty: Crooked teeth.

The fanged canine look is known as yaeba teeth, meaning double tooth in Japanese. Converse from American society in which braces are often a "necessity," some girls in Japan opt out to maintain their swank grills. 

I know it must sound a little outlandish, but think of all the beautiful models that have graced the covers of magazines with less than perfect smiles such as Lauren Hutton or Theodora Richards -- their look is now in high demand. Suddenly, Japanese women have awakened a cosmetic dental trend. 

Now if you weren't lucky enough to be born with the alluring smile of a great white shark, Dr. Yoko Kashiyama and her esteemed team at Plaisir Dental Salon in Japan's Ginza district can replace those hideously well aligned chompers with a set of the coveted akimbo teeth. The procedure uses non-permanent glue to fix customized, lengthend and protuding false teeth to the patients unsexy linear pearlies. 

One Japanese news program sent a reporter to the salon to investigate this growing trend... and get a pair temporarily adhered to some of her own teeth. Watch the video of the spectacle below. Oh, and heads up to our non-Japanese speakers: You likely won't understand much of the dialog, but you'll definitely get the gist. 

[via OddityCentral]  

Do these perfectly imperfect teeth make girls less attractive or do they create a more exotic feline effect that makes them more attractive? What we know for sure, is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What do you think is influencing this protruding canine craze? Could it be the globally expanding obsession with vampires or is it just a fleeting fad?