Backstreet's Back, alright? Or at least their younger doppelgangers are. A new wave of boy bands are following in the footsteps of BSB and New Kids On The Block, ushering in a second coming of pop supremacy. Are you Lovelies excited

We covered Lance Bass of *NSYNC's boy band creation Heart2Heart a few weeks ago (it wasn't a joke, unfortunately), but MTV reported today that they are just one of several boy bands looking to make in big in America in 2012. These bands follow the same formula as in the '90s, and are made up of pretty boys who dance in unison to catchy beats.

The Wanted, a singing group already big in the UK, is predicted to come out on top of the boy band battle. They already found success across the ocean with their pop ballad "Heart Vacancy." MTV says they have a "project [with] just the right balance of masculinity and sensitivity." The US show The X Factor featured another song of theirs, "All Time Low." It hit No. 1 on the UK charts, but fell under the radar for the most part in America.

The Wanted hopes that their latest single, "Warzone," will be the one to break them into the US market. You can listen to a preview of song below -- it will be on their new album Battleground, out November 7. [via MTV

What do you Lovelies think of The Wanted's song? Do you think boy bands like them will be able to catch on in America?

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