Now more than ever nails have become an added accessory to outfits... and I love it. This weekend is my cousin's bachelorette part and I plan on wearing a black dress with gold shoes so I thought I'd give myself a manicure that would compliment the outfit.

I used OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark" which I think was THE COLOR of 2006 and Sephora by OPI "Only Gold For Me" chunky glitter spec top coat.

After allowing two coats of Lincoln Park After Dark to dry, I created a stripe of sorts on the outer side of each nail. Only Gold For Me is pretty thick so it's best to let the clear coat drip a little before applying to your nail to get the most glitter specs on the brush.

I didn't want the stripe directly down the center of my nail... the idea was more of light reflecting off each nail, if that makes any sense. I love that they sort of have a starry-night-space effect.

After I posted a pic last night on Instagram, I got a ton of questions about what I was holding... they are pussy willow decor balls and they're very soft.

And of course, a top coat of Chanel extreme brilliance for extra shine!

Contributed from lovemaegan.