Dr. Greg Homer says yes. Certain that the public will clamor for this new technology when it hits the open market, Homer's research of over 10 years claims to be able to remove the pigment from brown irises, revealing the natural blue eye beneath. He also claims that once this procedure is refined enough, it will take about 20 seconds. 

Have you ever thought about your eye color as something you could change? Or wished you could? I know growing up blonde and fair I always lamented my brown eyes, but I've grown to love them because they're something that ties me to my family. But given the option, and if I knew it were completely safe... and well, if I had 5 grand just lying around -- which I don't foresee ever happening -- I think I'd consider it. Imagine a woman who had African or Brazilian descent (or other beautiful ethnicities that rarely have naturally blue eyes) getting her eyes changed to blue. She'd be other-worldly. It really makes you think.

Here's a video of the doctor speaking calmly about his new breakthrough.
What do you think? Would you ever consider it? No judgment. Of course we should all learn to love what we have. But it's a tempting thought, right?