Team Chair? Team Dair? No matter what relationship you're rooting for, I'm sure you'll be excited to see the latest behind-the-scenes pictures from the set of Gossip Girl in NYC. It's good to see that Blair still dresses like a princess, tilted hats and all - but where is Louis?

Here's the Blair we know and love, perfectly dressed and coiffed like a true Princess-to-be.

From the looks of it Dan and Serena are on good terms -- any thoughts on what Gossip Girl blast they may be looking at together?

Blair in a tiara? That makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that she seems to be getting arrested - that isn't very Princess-like, Miss Waldorf!

Hey there, Charlie! Or is it Ivy? Ugh I can't keep it straight, her story line doesn't keep my attention. More Blair please!

Chuck and Blair fans, rejoice! There will be a Chair scene coming soon. Unfortunately the actors don't look too happy while filming it.

[via You Know You Love Me]

What do you Lovelies think is going on in these behind-the-scenes pictures? Do you think Blair and Louis are still together? Or do you predict Blair will move on to Dan or Chuck? And what is going on with Dan and Serena...?