You might recall my post not too long ago where I took a pretty hardline stance on soda. I do think it's an unnecessary and deceptively harmful comestible that's stuck in the past, and there are much better options these days. This is no secret in New York subways either. Ads like the one seen above have been running for a while, and now a viral video component has begun circulating the Internet in an effort to de-gross-ify the message and make it more accessible.

Verging on guerilla marketing with its no-nonsense slogan, "Are you Drinking Yourself Fat?" I think the argument can be made that this ad campaign held the power not only to empower those who already want to kick their soda habit, but also it could be the first time kids are brought to the awareness that soda is so calorie-heavy. However, opponents in the past argued that the campaign would "do more harm than good," (Kevin Keane of the American Beverage Association), due to its graphic approach. Have a look at the recently uploaded viral video from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Does it make you feel differently?

What do you think? Too light-handed? Or can't the public stomach a brutal truth for a worthwhile cause? 

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