One of the most frustrating things when painting your own nails is messing them up right after you finish! There's always that stage where I think my nail polish has dried, and when I try to run errands I find that I only ruined two or three of my nails. Here are five ways to help your nails dry quicker to avoid those annoying dents and fingerprint marks.

1. Cooking spray
It sounds strange but cooking spray will actually help your nails to dry more quickly — not to mention, also help moisturize your fingers!

2. Ice water Dip your fingers into an ice bath. The cool temperature of the water will act like a top coat and set your nail color.

3. Air duster Air duster instantly helps to dry your nails since the liquid inside is endothermic (meaning it absorbs heat) and emits a cooling spray . Simply spray it across your fingers after you're done painting.

4. Hair dryer Rather than constantly blowing on nails to dry, using a hair dryer will help your breath and time. Just remember to use your blow dyer on its coolest setting and not too close to your nails.

5. Freezer This may seem drastic, but it does work! If you're really in a rush, you could simply place your hands into your freezer for a couple of seconds and the low temperature will help your nails dry more quickly.

I have tried out all these solutions myself and they actually work so I hope they help you with your nail predicaments! 

What do you do to help your nails come out perfectly?