After 72 blissful days as hubby and wifey, Kim and Kris call it quits. So much for that sisterhood pregnancy thing, huh?

The two ended their au courant union over "irreconcilable differences," according to TMZ.

Oy, looks like you've got another relationship broken by reality TV to add to our list.

On Kim's recent post on her Facebook, she still plans to hit up Sydney with her sister Khloe in two days. The comments following the announcement could easily be ranked as brutal. One even says:

Instead of saying he's not good for her. Its the other way around. This woman. Thinks she can turn everything into a reality show n make profits out o of it. She rich now bc she hunts fame. Marriage is a commitment n traveling isn't helping. U should've waited. anybody with a brain would have seen, this coming. Not happy but this goes trip show u what money can do to people, turn them into imbeciles. The guy is to normal for u honey. N like u say u r too spoiled to live the life of a normal person.

Ten people "liked" it last we checked. Hey now, haters. The official separation starts today. Oh well, at least they got a helluva awesome/EXPENSIVE party out of it, right? [via Jezebel]