In the immortal words of Rachel Zoe, "I... die." Except in this case, I'm dying over this new hair color... that isn't dye at all! It's Kevin Murphy's new Color Bug, and it creates day-wear bright color for your hair in powder form that rinses out in the shower. Mind: Blown. 

Now this first vid is Kevin Murphy last year using his professional formula of hair color powder seen at Thakoon's S/S 2012 show at New York Fashion Week. The link that follows is Kevin's podcast for using the new consumer line, and the best ways to get the stuff to stick!


So yeah, bottom line is we can all have brightly colored hair today, and wash it out tonight! Absolutely brilliant.

So, lovelies, attainable color, no maintenance required! What do we think?

[Images via KevinMurphy, GalvinBenjamin, towndani.tumblr]