As much as I DON'T CARE what celebrities do with their hair color on any given day, being the virgin-haired person I am, it means a lot that I was seriously considering a color change a la Lauren Conrad's peach-dipped ends. It's more tame than her tie-dyed highlights we saw in spring, and yet more daring than Blake Lively's strange foray into "strawberry" earlier this year. Her old-new 'do was featured on her nauseatingly cute blog she shares with her hairdresser Kristin Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine, and I have to admit I was inspired by the tasteful execution of an unnatural hue. 

Sadly, less than a week later Miss Conrad is back to brown, as pictures of her arriving in LAX reveal. And now I can go back to not paying attention to her again. Womp womp, LC.

Thoughts? Would you ever consider trying this look?

[Images via TheBeautyDepartment, The Examiner.]