Custom and pre-designed T-shirt company Skreened actually opened their latest e-newsletter with these two Occupy Wall Street-inspired (the protest "fighting to strengthen democracy, and to end the domination of big money interests," according to their website) images side-by-side. Serving needs for both the one percent and the 99 percent nearly 50-50, Skreened offers a safe, digital haven in which one may browse sweatshop-free apparel to represent your opinion in the protests. Because that makes sense!

The company, a self-proclaimed "leader in ethical and socially responsible on-demand printing," offers 20 pompous, sometimes downright mean designs geared to appeal to the one percent (or rather, those supporting the one percent -- how many cotton Ts do those few diamond-encrusted fat cats need?). However, those fist-pumping beneath the 99 percent tarp have more than double the selection to promote their stance, including one suggesting the idea to "Occupy Snooki." Ooh, I bet the protestors will dig that one!

Perhaps most upsetting off all the OWS designs is one featured on the 99 percent-friendly page.

The description of this particular style reads: "Are you sick of hearing from hippies with their peaceful 'protests' and whining? Send a clear message that fire power gets things done, not flower power." Woah, buddy. I thought one of the distinct guidelines in the OWS movement was to protest only peacefully? So... how does this one work? I digress.

What good is having political views if you don't blast 'em across your chest? Solidarity! Not. It's about time someone cashes in on propaganda for #OWS.

How do you feel about these conflicting political designs on the same website? Have you followed the Occupy protests at all? Would you ever consider wearing one of these?