Recently I had two weddings in two days to attend, but only had the time (and money) to get my hair done once. So how did I deal?

For the wedding Friday night, I went for a quick visit to my hair dresser for a trim and touch-up. I opted for a smooth blow-out with loose curls at the end which worked perfectly with my strapless dress.

The next night, I sought a hair style that was a little more fun and -- thanks to the humidity -- leaving it down was not an option. I played around for a while trying a few different celebrity hair styles. Mounding frustration led me to try a simple ponytail.

I wanted to add a little oomph to the standard style so I teased the crown a bit to show some of the curl. To dress it up, I wrapped a section of hair around the elastic. The ponytail was a little more fun than some suffocating partial-up-do, and it looked pretty classy.

Below are some examples of simple, classy ponytails for a more formal event.

What do you think of wearing a pony tail to a formal event? When is it appropriate and when should one seek other options?