Contoured Crewneck from Anthropologie

The idea of cropped sweaters used to scare me. It could and would flood my mind with rancidly-dated images from Clueless and Clarissa Explains It All. The good news is that these sweaters are for adults — in other words: COVER IT UP, LADIES! No bare midriffs for us. These sweaters only work when layering. Below I listed a few of my current faves.

BCBG cropped Ida sweater (Bonus – save 25% with code FRIENDS at checkout)

Dolce Vita Baylee cropped sweater (Bonus – save 20% with code INTHEFAMILY20)

Check out more cropped sweater styles here.

Lovelies, what do you think of this trend? Would you rock a cropped sweater? Is it a reasonable style for cool weather?

Guest post submitted by Allyson in Wonderland