We can thank new age technology for catching yet another cheater! A NYC man decided to divorce his wife after the his iPhone 4's Find My Friends app caught her coordinates laying at another guy's house.

Apple just released its new iOS 5 operating system with the iPhone 4. These beauts come equipped with the spankin' new Find My Friends app. Programmers designed FMF to track and meet up with friends. If granted permission, you may see friends' locations on a map on your iPhone's screen. Barely a week since its birth, one might credit the app with a hidden home-wrecking ability. 

On a forum on MacRumors.com, the unidentified (now assuredly single) man posted this:

Divorcing wife. Thanks iPhone 4s and Find My Friends. I got my wife a new 4s and loaded up find my friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village. I've had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots [is] going to play well when I meet her ... at the lawyer's office in a few weeks...thankfully, she's the rich one."

Can't wait to hear all the nitty gritty deets on this one on Divorce Court. [via Good Morning America]

Though the story has a good deal of skeptics, it definitely brings up privacy issues with the stalktastic app. I know that the creators of the app likely meant well. I'm happy to nod to its potential helpfulness in locating a lost loved one, but its potential to blast down the door to stalking freaks me out. I don't know about y'all, but I wouldn't want to be a part of this. Not that I have anything to hide, but I couldn't stand the thought of anyone -- not a boyfriend, not my friends, or anyone -- keeping savvy on my every move! 

So how long can all you Lovelies wait to sign up for Find My Friends? Or are you already on board? If you already use the app, please post about your experiences below!