Classmates teased Nicolette Taylor, 13, mercilessly about her big nose. The bullying got so bad, her parents allowed her to get plastic surgery.

Despite a history as a child model, Nicolette felt very insecure about her nose. The antagonizing transcended the school setting to social media sites, where classmates called her "Big Nose."

When the bullying spiraled out of control -- mostly thanks to Facebook -- her parents worried about the toll it was taking on their otherwise "tough" and "popular" child. She began breaking down into tears from all of the gossip. The Taylors decided to go ahead and allow Nicolette to get plastic surgery immediately, in favor of the original plan to let her do it when she turned 18.

Nicolette described her nose before surgery by saying, "It hangs crooked and when I smile, the tip of my nose kind of goes down like an arrow. It kind of bothers me." When she saw her new nose for the first time after the operation, she said "Oh my God, it's so pretty" and began crying.

Nicolette broke her nose twice as a child, which technically makes the plastic surgery corrective. This summer, she became the youngest patient on which her plastic surgeon ever performed rhinoplasty.

Her parents defend their consent as the right thing to do to for their child. Nicolette's father even equating the procedure to paying for her braces.

Since surgery, Nicolette started eighth grade and joined the cheerleading team. She says she feels more confident in her appearance and that she will be able to handle any bullying that might happen in the future.

Do you think it is OK for young girls to have plastic surgery? How young is too young? [via ABC News]