Although college has the unarguable perk of endless freedom yet I sometimes catch myself missing the simplicity of home.

College quickly brought to focus five major pluses to sharing a roof with my parents. If only I had known then what I know now...

1. Free laundry:
When at home you don't really think about the labor that goes into doing laundry since it's conveniently in your home or even better - your mom does it for you. Later when you have to carry your laundry up flights of stairs, pay for it, have your laundry taken out by other people, or having to wait for empty machines, the aggravation can be daunting.

2. Privacy: Perhaps you weren't bless with your own room at home either, but sharing a room containing all your stuff with strangers can be difficult - especially if you clash with them. And life threatens to get even more complicated if you're rooming with a friend.

3. Home-cooked food: I cannot put into words how much I miss my mom's cooking! Even if your mom never culinarily ventured must past Hamburger Helper, it likely still beats having to cook for yourself or shelling out big bucks to support a restaurant habit.

4. Driving:
Unlike those privileged enough to have their own car, I don't so. Getting to even the simplest places like the drug store can be a major hassle.

5. Convenience: A lot of my favorite stores - not to mention all my medical/dental care venues - are located back in my hometown. It especially sucks when I can't get something because the store from which this thing yields doesn't have a location near my college.

What are some things you took for granted or miss about home?