Indulgent Southern cuisine cook Paula Deen just unveiled her very own lip balm and – well – it’s supposed to taste like butter. I’ll pretend I’m disgusted while in secret I’m totally excited. In celebration of Deen’s relentless attempts to smear the planet in her favorite type of shortening, we compiled a list of 10 more completely bizarre lip balm flavors that are real and that you can buy (if… you want).

My Lip Stuff- Bloody Mary, Tube, from Amazon

1. Bloody Mary Nothing quite expresses a suffocating enthusiasm for brunch quite like smearing your mouth with something that doesn’t contain alcohol but tastes like it should.


J&D’s Bacon Flavored Lip Balm, 4.5-Gram Tube (Pack of 4), $16.00 from Amazon

2. Bacon Seriously, is there no end in sight of this everything-bacon craze?

Wasabi Lip Balm, $5.99 from Amazon

3. Wasabi A relentless sushi habit can get pricey. So this is kind of like saving money! … Right?

Pickle Lip Balm, from Amazon

4. Pickles How much you wanna bet Snooki’s already hoarding a case of these?

My Lip Stuff- Cheese Pizza, Tube, from Amazon

5. Cheese pizza Satisfy the craving sans calories! I don’t even believe it as I type it.

Vitamin Water XXX Flavored Lipbalm, SPF 20, Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate .14 oz (4 g), $2.99 from Amazon

6. Vitamin Water But what’s a Gatorade faithful to do?

Lip Balm Pop Secret Buttered Popcorn, from Amazon

7. Buttered popcorn This must be easier to sneak into theaters than a bag from your home microwave.

Corn Dog Lip Balm, $5.99 from Amazon

 8. Corn dogs  All the stomach-pumping fun of the fair may be found in one stick!

Ghostbusters Lip Balm Stay Puft Marshmallow, from Amazon

9. Marshmallows or ghosts Good God, what is this supposed to taste like?! My money’s on ghosts.

Dippin’ Dots Cotton Candy Flavored Lip Balm – Two .15 Oz Tubes, from Amazon

10. Astronaut ice-cream Please explain to me how the geniuses at NASA made these tubes taste like ice-cream for astronauts as opposed to ice-cream for the masses.

Check out a whole slew of strangely flavored lip balms at My Lip Stuff. Accoutrements lent heavily to the compilation of this list, too, with its endless spread of flavored gloss.

Have you or would you try any of these unusually flavored lip balms? What flavor do you wish was represented in the world of lip care?