In last night's episode of America's Next Top Model All Stars, Tyra Banks and her team paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson by having a photoshoot featuring several of his looks. Check out the pictures from the shoot after the jump.

Tyra had the models dress up as Michael in different times of his career--the Motown days, "Thriller," the whole nine. Some of the models were put into blackface, while others wore heavy makeup to capture his changes through plastic surgery. Michael's sister Latoya Jackson served as the guest judge. 

I get what Tyra was going for and it was nice to dedicate the photoshoot dedicated to him. However, it was just really weird to see these models all dressed up like Michael. Not saying it was a terrible photoshoot, because it wasn't. It was just freaky now that he's gone to see all of the girls posing like him with the thick layers of makeup to boot. 

What do you all think of the photos? [via The Frisky