On a recent interview with inMusic.ca, Kelly Clarkson waxed on confidence as a guy or gal's sexiest accessory. She touched on Western society and media's nasty habit of bringing on counteractive anxiety. And it's that creeping insecurity that hits Clarkson square in the rack.

"Oh my God, I dream daily of a boob job," she says. "I have little boobs. I tell my friends all the time, 'I dreamed last night that I got a boob job.' I really want one." However, fear of knives, needles and botched gigs keep Clarkson off the table and in her current cup size. "I get freaked out. But I totally get it ... why girls do it."

She finishes the interview by wildly relating fake boobs to carrying a child, concluding with her assertion that she "wouldn't make a very good pregnant person." [via AOL Music]

Have you ever had or would you ever consider a breast enhancement procedure? Why or why not? If you have had it performed, how do you feel about your new assets?