Salacious photographer Tyler Shields thought it'd be neat to photograph former O.C. star Mischa Barton posing with uncooked slabs of sinew and stuff because--well, why not?

Before the shoot, Shields and Barton met up at a burger joint to talk shop. "I'm watching her eat this hamburger, and all I could think about was just meat all over her face," he told E! Online. Shields says Barton first seemed hesitant to jump into the whole steak-tartar-in-her-mouth thing at first but " two minutes later, she's literally tearing this s--t apart. Just f---king tearing into it." I wonder how Marissa "Sometimes Vegetarian" Cooper would have felt about all of this!

Also, keep in mind, this is the dude behind Heather Morris's pseudo-domestic abuse photo series. Wanton extravagance aside, Shields leaves us with an inspirational note following the Barton series on his site:

You will never get what you want if your scared to ask for it!

It's true. You won't get it if you possess scared or if you are scared. Moral of the carnal carnage shoot: Lose the scared and go rare? [via E! Online]