I'm really starting to suck with titles, aren't I? Anyways, last week I asked on Twitter and Facebook for a tutorial request and I decided to go with the Lady Gaga Viva Glam II look. It was my first time attempting to record a video using my Lumix LX5 with a proper tripod so I totally screwed up the angle. Long story short, no video tutorial!

Even though the tutorial failed, I would still like to reattempt this look because I went with pixiwoo's choice on the lower lashline colors (main feature of the eye-makeup) and they ended up looking very off ie. purple, on my skin. For the rest of the shades used, I'm pretty satisfied with them. I better get it right the next time 'cause I only have one more pair of those daily disposable lenses, which I think are the best match to Gaga's eye color in the photo.

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Lovelies, do you think the look is a fail in your eyes?

Guest blog submitted by SkinDeco.