“Kokology” comes from the Japanese word kokoro which means “the mind.” Created by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, Kokology books consist of hypothetical situations to reveal psychological aspects of yourself. They’re actually really interesting and fun so

Remember that your results are not necessarily true and that when you’re answering a question to not dwell too much on your answer and simply say what first comes to mind!

1. You seen an outfit that looks great on the display window and decide to try it on. When the curtain draws back the sales assistant peeks in to marvel. “Wow, that look great on you!” How do you respond?

A. Give a straight account of your opinion: “you’ve got to be kidding. This looks terrible on me.”
B. Point out the specific reasons you don’t like the outfit: “The collar is too wide and I don’t like the way the sleeves bunch up at the cuffs.”
C. Disregard the comment: “Thanks, but I think I’ll look around a little bit more.”
D. Accept the compliment and say: “Do you really think so? All right, I guess I’ll take it.”


Your wardrobe is an extension of yourself and people usually use it to highlight their best features. The way you responded to the clerk’s flattery reveals the aspect of your self you esteem most dearly

A. Mirrors don’t lie and your greatest pride is in your appearance. You won’t let some sales clerk in search of commission spoil the look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
B. You may not look perfect all the time but you refuse to be made into a fool. You know the power of your mind to perceive the world clearly and you will not be lied to. Your personal style is refined and sensible keen to powers of discrimination.

C. You know that you are your own person and that your existence is unique. You go your own way and let others think, say, and do as they please.
D. You have yet to locate a sense of pride in yourself. Take time to be honest with yourself and not let other deceive you.

2. Lounging in your home in the afternoon you hear the doorbell. A pair of animal messengers are at your doorstep. One is carrying a message that foretells a life of happiness and contentment while the other carries one of disaster and despair. Which animal brings the good news and which brings the bad news? (pick a different animal for each)

A. Tiger
B. Dog
C. Sheep
D. Parrot
E. Tortoise


Your future is greatly influenced by your life partner. The animal messengers correspond to your perception of the kinds of people likely to bring you joy or grief. The animal you chose as the bearer of good news represents your ideal mate while the doomsayer animal is the type of partner you would fear and want to avoid.

A. Tiger:
– Glad tidings: You see yourself happiest with an ambitious and powerful mate with an indomitable will to rule.
– Doom: You dread vanity and a tyrannical person that growls at any mention of sharing burden or housework.

B. Dog:
– Glad tidings: unquestionable loyalty and absolute devotion are things you most seek.
– Doom: You are incompatible with those who try to please everyone and fret over what others think.

C. Sheep:
– Glad tidings: You see the key to contentment in a warmhearted, nurturing spouse.
– Doom: You fear winding up stuck with a boring homebody that simply grazes int he same old patch of grass.

D: Parrot:
– Glad tidings: You seek a talkative, fun-loving partner who knows how to make you laugh.
– Doom: Nothing is worse than a non-stop chattering person.

E. Tortoise:
– Glad tidings: Your desirable relationship is that of the serious, dependable kind where you know you will be supported in your time of need.
– Doom: The thought of yourself spending your life with a frustratingly slow-moving and slow-witted partner is your worst nightmare. 

How were your results? Do you find Kokology interesting?