Everyone knows that you choose where you sit in lecture depending on how prepared you are and also how tired you are.

Nearest to exit people: The people who sneak into class about half way in and usually slump back into their chairs with barely any study materials.

Back row people: Usually those who did not do the reading and do not want to be called upon. (Also tend to fall asleep and use laptop for everything but the lecture)

Against the wall people: Neutral people who don’t really speak up but at the same time don’t slack off. (Sometimes the undercover geniuses of the class who ruin the curve for everyone).

Mid-center people: Ready and alert to take notes. Occasional volunteering and question asking if they desire.

Second-row sleepers: Those who really did have good intentions to pay attention but eventually fall asleep somehow.

Front-row people: The teacher’s pet who asks obvious questions for “more clarity” just to show they were listening or even tries to contradict the teacher referring to the reading that no one else did.

Which person are you?