You may or may not have heard the buzz surrounding a treatment which goes by the name of HD Brows. Put simply, HD Brows is a seven step process which claims to leave you with amazing eyebrows worthy of an A-list celebrity. It's what all the celebs have been getting done, dontcha know?

Anesis is a franchised salon situated a stones throw away from leafy Clapham Common in SW London. Should you walk past, it looks like any other beauty salon, but it's interior is rather impressive. You'll be forgiven for thinking you'd walked into a West End bar, for the swanky, dark sleek furnishings do have a certain wow-factor about them. Definitely not what the average beauty salon looks like!

I arrived after work last Wednesday feeling slightly weary after what had been a busy day. Luckily I didn't have to wait and was swiftly ushered into my treatment room. Should you require privacy, then a small, tastefully decorated room off the main salon floor is available - this is where I was taken. 
There's also a large space on the salon floor where HD Brow treatments are performed on comfy leather, tilted seating, should you fear feeling a little claustrophobic in the treatment room. Fear not, the upper level of the salon is currently being revamped to house more treatment rooms.

I'd allowed my brows to grow out in preparation for my appointment, so I was looking forward to them looking half decent for public exposure.
Here's how my brows were transformed:

1.  Nadia, my lovely therapist discussed what shape I'd like and how defined I wanted my brows to be. I believe my exact words were "Defined, but not visible to pedestrians half way down the road!"

2. First my brows were tinted. The dye was left on for 1 min and 26 seconds (yes, I counted)
3. Secondly, warm wax was applied along the tops of my brows to give them a cleaner silhouette. I didn't find it painful as Nadia expectedly whipped the strips off at all. In fact, it was quite relaxing, I kid you not! A soothing after-care lotion was then applied to to reduce redness and irritation.
4. My brows were then trimmed with scissors to create a streamlined look
5. Out came the cotton and teeny hairs were threaded from the tops and bottoms of my brows in order to  sharpen my brow shape further.
6. Any left over stray hairs were then tweezed out.
7. My brows were then lightly filled in with a HD Brow Pencil and set with HD Brow Beater, a non sticky liquid to help prevent wandering hairs - in other words, clear brow gel!



EXCUSE THE STRAY MAKE UP BRUSH HAIR STUCK TO MY FOREHEAD! (I also appear to have a random brow hair on my right brow, but I can assure you that I didn't when I left the salon!)

All in all, the treatment took approximately an hour. Now, do I think it's worth the hype? In all honesty, no. I'm no stranger to having my brows threaded and tinted - a procedure, which in total, takes no longer than 20 minutes. It's one thing reading about a treatment, but in this instance I think it'd benefit you to actually SEE what I had done. Check out the short video below, which outlines and demonstrates a HD Brow treatment.

Continue reading for more pictures.

Have any of you gotten HD brows? What do you think of them?

Guest blog submitted by VexintheCity.