Yoga practice can bring inner peace to the yogi. It has the power to bring balance internally and externally--no, but really. That mess can apparently bring you to orgasm!

According to The Daily Beast, yogasms have existed in legend for eons, but only recently did talks of real-life instances go public. One woman reportedly experienced the Big O while in lotus position, possibly escalated by her instructor's simultaneous hands-on instruction--which really isn't as scandalous as it sounds. She said he was just pushing his chest against her back while they breathed in sync. Several instructors around New York and San Diego also admitted to their hipness of this slippery result and the open discussion of it with students.

You see, a major aim in yoga is to build strength in the muscles in and around genitalia (sound smart and call it "mula bandha"). Disciplined practice engaging the mula bandha can pay off, as it turns out. "One woman who attended a class where we focused a lot on mula bandha came back the next day and told me she was able to orgasm for the first time with her boyfriend of six years," New York-famous instructor Marco Rojas said.

Talk about them health benefits! Regardless, I know I'm gonna be scoping out my neighborhood yoga studios ASAP. [via The Daily Beast]