Traveling is a normal activity for many women, and the days of throwing on your old volleyball sweater and sweats are long over. I have found some necessities for travel that allow maximum comfort and style. 

Going to the airport has become a huge hassle, especially with security now. Lets face it, they make you unpack and undress. So you really need to wear something that goes beyond comfort and allows you maximum easiness and accessibility.

Fitted Knit Leggings$8.50 from Forever 21 

These are a great idea to wear in the airport. They are fitted to give you a put together look but also stretchy to allow maximum comfort.

MATISSE Evelyn Ballet Flats$49.99 from Lord & Taylor

These flats allow comfort and ease when going through security and walking through the airport. The tweed also gives a very stylish flair to any outfit.

Last but not least, an accessory that you won't have to take off in security. Essie has a new fall line, one which is perfectly named "Carry On." A perfect burnt, cranberry tone that will dress you up and get you ready for any flight.

What else do you like to wear when traveling?